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Daniel Northup was born on 21 June 1738, North Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island, the fifth child of Nicholas Northup and Freelove Eldred. He married Ann Hampton Collins (b. 21 SEP 1759 in Caroline Co., VA), widow of Robert Collins on February 14, 1777. Daniel was Sargeant in the American Revolution under Col. Archibald McCrary's regiment #1777. He moved from Kingston, R.I. to Marietta, Ohio as early as March 1795. He was one of the orginal purchasers of the Ohio Co. Besides Marietta, he also lived and owned land in Belpre and Athens. He moved to Gallia Co. in 1804. The original tract of land there was 12,000 acres, and the town of Northup, Ohio is named for them. Daniel's son Hampton was playing along the Ohio River and was captured by the Indians. He learned their language and habits, and after returning home he would visit them often. Seeing a little confusion as to whether Elizabeth Jane Northup/McCall was a daughter or daughter-in-law, I queried my cousin, Sally Jo Quamme, to this effect: "Found something you would be interested in. Evidence that Hampton T. Northup, son of Daniel and Ann Hampton (Collins) Northup was married to Elizabeth Jane Dean (b. 28 Mar., 1784 d. Aug, 1859).

This makes it look like Elizabeth Jane Northup is the daughter-in-law of Daniel and Ann, and James McCall is her second husband. Your information to me is lacking dates. I would be much interested if you could verify this possibility with corroborating dates."
Her reply to me included this quote from Phil McCall:

"In the early 1800's, Daniel Northup purchased 12,000 acres of land in Gallia County and he and his wife came here in 1804. Some time around 1800, Hampton Northup, son of Daniel and Ann, was captured by the Indians. While living with the Indians, Hampton learned the Native American language and culture. It is said that even after he returned to life in the white world, Hampton would often go back to visit the Indians with whom he lived for a few years.

James McCall, Sr. who married the daughter of Daniel and Ann Northup, had 10 children by her. When she died in 1830, James, Sr. then 48, remarried. His second wife was Jane Dean Northup, the widow of his brother-in-law. From this union, two more children were born; William and a daughter with the wonderfully poetic name of Orazinda.

To add to the genealogical confusion in this family, there are some Northup/McCall marriages in suceeding generations as well.

Then I received the following excerpt from Joanne Galvin, descendent of Elizabeth Jane Northup McCall:

"I have a photo copy of a page in a book called Gallia County Ohio, People in History to 1980, published by the Gallia County Historical Society.

There is a page entitled McCall Family in which it discussed Elizabeth Jane Northup, sister of Hampton and Thomas Northup marrying James C. McCall.
It lists her date of birth as March 28, 1784 and date of death as January 10, 1830. States that James McCall married Jane Dean Northup, widow of Hampton Northup after Elizabeth Jane's death and lists their two children, William Francis, b Oct 9, 1831, d Oct 6, 1907 and Ormazinda born Oct. 7, 1833.
Therefore, Elizabeth Jane Northup McCall and Jane Dean Northup McCall are not one and the same person but in fact sisters-in-law and first and second wives of James C. McCall."

I still find that somewhat hard to sort out, as they are listed as having the same birth date, although they have different death dates. It is possible then that Hampton's wife, and second wife to James McCall was Jane Dean, and not Elizabeth Jane Dean. Daniel died on Nov 10, 1811. Daniel left all his land to his children. Please check back often for updates.

Daniel Northup Family

Children of Daniel and Ann Northup

Henry C. Northup b. 1778 m. Susannah Painter 27 MAY 1802 Marietta Ohio (then the Northwest Territory) d. ??
Thomas J. Northup b. 19 Sep 1780 m. Anna Margaret Syler (b. 23 Mar 1781; d. 15 Apr 1834) d. 13 Mar 1833
Vernon Northup b. ?? m. Elizabeth ?? d. ??
Hampton T. Northup b. ?? Lived with Indians m. Elizabeth Jane Dean (28 Mar 1784-Aug 1859) ??
Sarah Northup b. 1785 m. ?? Painter
Elizabeth Jane Northup b. March 28, 1784 m. James McCall d. January 10, 1830